Battle Chasers: Night War | World Map

World map for Battle Chasers was an exciting, new aspect of the project that came with its own share of challenges as well.

We are a small team and each of us had to wear many hats. I understood the need for the world map to have a relatively fast art style, as well as flexibility to accommodate design changes all the way to the end. I had a lot of freedom art-wise and owned most of the art side of the world map, including combining simple scripts to make the clouds and re-purposing particles. Deep down I feared the style might be too different from in-game shots, and it was a huge relief when things finally began to work out.

I immensely appreciate the trust and support my teammates gave me, even when I hit sticky points and turned a few circles trying to figure out a good drawing style.

Grace liu map pendrawing 01

One of the first sketches of the world map.

Grace liu map harmsway makeover2

One of the earlier explorations of the style and town layout.

Grace liu 11 worldmap minimap

Mini map - we are a small indie team with very limited resources, so I opted to keep the minimap simple by not showing any side dungeons to avoid spoilers and help encourage exploration.

Grace liu 6 worldmap screenshot

Iron Outpost

Grace liu 7 worldmap screenshot2


Grace liu wm rushland


Grace liu wm junktown


Grace liu 7 worldmap screenshot3

The Dig

Grace liu wm deadwatch

Dead Watch

Grace liu wm strongmont


Grace liu wm iris


Grace liu wm garden


Grace liu wm manarift

Mana Rifts

Grace liu wm castle

Castle area leading to boss room