Summoners Rift Update

A very memorable project with one of my favorite teams. I was responsible for environment concept support and a majority of jungle island compositions/1st and 2nd pass construction. Everything here is a product of teamwork, benefiting from feedback and polish from some of the most talented environment painters in the industry. I'm posting screenshots of areas where I took from concept to 60%-70% before leaving the project, plus some fun doodles.

The beautiful ground is painstakingly and meticulously painted mostly by the very talented Alex Gonzales.

Everything © Riot Games.

Grace liu east blue
Grace liu north red
Grace liu south raptor
Grace liu west blue
Grace liu west camp
Grace liu dragon pit po

Dragon Pit concept

Grace liu south vista falloff po

South Vista concept

Grace liu watchtower concept

Watch tower concept

Grace liu sru duck sketch 01


Grace liu sru env team as champs

Team <3