Emerald Reveries

Looking upon Teldrassil for the first time was an experience like no other. I still enjoy games a lot, but I don't know if there will ever be a game that completely immerse me like World of Warcraft did as my first serious MMO.

I'll always remember my first Guildmaster who went to farm wool to make bags for me as a welcome-to-the-guild present, my first encounter with an elite, my first boat ride to the mainland, my first tram ride underground... I am tempted by WoW classics, but I understand clearly that my inner wide-eyed nooblet is not coming back.

Outside of the virtual world, I have since worked on keeping the nooblet mindset alive in a precious back-corner of my mind.

Grace liu wow fanart final 1920
Grace liu wowfanart sketch 01

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Grace liu wowfanart sketch 02

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Grace liu wowfanart sketch 03

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